Toys for One Year Old

Approaching first birthday! your little one is now much more curious and this curiosity makes him interact with the environment around him. The toys ideally suited at this age are those which allow this interaction to be in creative, imaginative yet in safe manner.

The toddler will now be developing & applying his/her creativity, everything has the capability to engage and delight your baby’s imagination, To encourage this growth in physical, mental, behavioral & emotional domains, We have shortlisted toys that have following features:

  • Mobility & Physical Strength: Toys that move with toddlers and in turn encourage mobility and physical development.
  • Coordination & Psycho-motor skills: Encourage kids to develop their hand eye coordination.
  • Shiny & Colorful: Excite the toddler’s senses with bright colored objects & toys.
  • Creativity: Toys that allow expression of kids inner creativity
  • Sensory Excitement: Introduce the child with more sensory experiences like piano toys

Upgrade your Baby Nursery on this Black Friday!

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Best Home Decoration Deals on Amazon Prime Day

We have found for you the best deals on home decoration products that are available this prime day. Well Amazon Prime day has already kicked off and from the looks of it, Prime Day 2017 is going to be the biggest one that has happened till now. Do not wait any further and start tracking the deals to find the one that you have been thinking to buy for quite some time now. To make your search easier we have already located the best home decoration deals, Buy & Enjoy!


Revamp your Baby Nursery with Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day with its insanely deep discounts is here. The prime day will begin on 10th July,2017 at 9PM ET and continue for whole of the 11th July and ending on midnight. The staggering amount of deals offered during the prime day this year is overwhelming, Amazon do not reveals the deals that are planned for prime day, however we have search through the catalog to find best products in the niche of Baby & Nursery. Look out for these products on Prime Day and stay tuned to Dekosh as we will be publishing follow up posts on the Prime Day.


Planning a Girl’s Nursery: Themes, Colours and Decorations

First things first: congratulations on the new life that you’re soon going to be welcoming into your family! One of the first things that every parent-to-be starts to think about is how they’re going to decorate their new baby’s nursery, and whether you already have ideas running around your mind or you’re all out of inspiration, this post will help you come up with the perfect look. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on baby girls, with themes, colours and decorations that are particularly popular for a girl’s nursery. Continue…

Home Decoration for Valentine’s Day

Home, they say, is where the heart is – and never is that more true than around Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to rekindle your home’s look with decorations that ensure love really is in the air. So why not take some inspiration from Cupid and the season of love to create inviting décor that brings you and your loved ones closer together. Continue…

5 Home Decoration Techniques to Try this Winter Season

Winter – that time of the year when you start spending your evenings huddled up at home with a mug of hot chocolate. Friends and relatives suddenly want to pay you a visit, and your house becomes the hub of festive gatherings and nights spent curled in front of a good movie. So, it’s more important than ever to have a space that you enjoy, with personal décor that you can really be proud of. We’ve brought together 5 great techniques that you can learn to bring your home to life as you enjoy everything that winter has to offer. Continue…

Christmas Decoration Thoughts & Ideas

As the Christmas day approaches, most people are looking for ways of adding flavor to the season. You can add meaning to this season by employing great decoration ideas. You need to have a lot of fun during this festive period.

One of the remarkable ways of enjoying your Christmas is by applying great decoration ideas. Here are some four great tips for enhancing your Christmas mood through decoration.

Fill your Table with the Snow Man Wine Bottle That Has a Glass Holder

Snow Man Wine Bottle Holiday GiftAdding color to your wine bottle is one of the greatest ways to decorate your dining table during the festive season. You place the glass holder on the wine bottle, and the glasses face upside down while on the glass holder.

There are several ways of decorating the holder and the glasses to reflect the Christmas theme. All you need to ensure is that you add a lot of joy to your celebrations. You could also place a colorful candle on top of the wine glass to enhance the decorations.

You can choose to use ribbons to decorate the wine bottle, glasses, and holder. There are several designs and colors that you can apply in an attempt to make your day fulfilling.

Decorate the Walls of Your Rooms

There are several ideas for decorating the walls of your rooms during the Christmas season. You can stick some decorative stickers that carry the Christmas message on the walls. Think of a label that has a Christmas tree or some pictures of baby Jesus. Furthermore, You can also use the stickers meant to invoke holiday spirit like colorful wall decals.

Some of the best places to stick these stickers are your children’s bedroom or playing area. You can derive a lot of joy from the day once you expose your kids to a lot of fun.

Decorate Your Curtains with Amazing Led Lights

Imagine decorating your door and window curtains with amazing led lights. You can use several sheds of lights to brighten up your day. One thing I love with these curtain lights is that they are always ready to use.

You simply plug the lights into the source of power, and you are ready to go. These lights bring a nice feel to your home during such celebrations.

Lighted Gift Box Decor

The Christmas season is full of exchanging gifts. However, it is meaningless to wrap your gifts in the same traditional manner. You can use the lighted gift box decor to send Christmas gifts to your loved ones.

These boxes come in three sizes ranging from the small, medium, and large sizes. You can get one that can perfectly fit the gift you wish to intend.


A Christmas season without any decoration can make your day boring. One of the best ways to bring life to these celebrations is through decoration. This article focuses on decorating your wine bottle, decorating your kid’s rooms and playing area, using curtain led lights, and wrapping your gift in lighted gift box decor. However, you can still find more Christmas decoration tips online.

Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Fireplace mantels are very beautiful and integral part of any sort of home. It has become a tradition in decoration art to have a fireplace mantel in the rooms because they simply enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Due to the fact that much attention and care is needed to decorate them, as they give a new look to whole interior decor content. Here are some suggestions about  how to integrate fireplace mantels in the rooms in conformity with the interior looks and accordingly there are modern , classic and many other creative fireplace mantel decoration ideas that will help you select one for your decor needs.

Fireplace Mantel Decor

 The modern fireplace mantels are used in compliance with the modern interior decor. Their edges are smooth and they are stubbed into the walls with no shades above them. In some of the modern decor themes fireplace mantels have a T.V above and some of the mantels have large pictures above.

 Modern Fireplace Mantel Design

The fireplace mantels are mostly built in the living rooms or bedrooms. The classic fireplace mantels have decoration items above or around them in order to add more beauty to them. They include Victorian designs with bright accent and some are built on stone age themes.

Classic Fireplace Mantel

Another way to include a fireplace mantel in the room interior decor is to build the mantel in the corner. This trend of corner fireplace mantels is more popular in the Asian and oriental areas where resting chairs and sofas are placed around them. These mantels are not only used for decoration purposes but also for warming up the environment.

Fireplace in corner

Types of Dining Table

” Comedy has always been important in my family. If you got in a good joke at the dinner table, it meant more than almost anything else ” – Isla Fisher.

Of course dinner is the time when you sit with your whole family and have an easy chat about your daily life experiences. Grave to light issues are discussed with family on dining table and when every nook is well decorated, you enjoy meal much more than ordinary. In this article you will learn about the various types of dining tables to help you in making much more informed choice, next time you go shopping. In the next part of this article we will learn about decoration of dining table.

Choosing Dining table

1 . There are variety of  breath-taking master pieces out there and you have to choose one dining table that suits your living style. The traditional style table as is quite suitable for formal and traditional people having a large number of members in the family. Usually this table is made from mahogany and cherry with different brown shades and flowery patterns.

Selecting dining table


2 . The rustic modern table with its simple and straight shape can go with any style of chairs around it and keeps justice with a large spaced room. This table is made in a rough hewn material to give it a unique style.

Modern dining table design


3 . If you are an ancient art lover then you should definitely go for a Traditional pedestal or a Swedish style table. Both of these tables present an ancient scheme and are a delightful experience to sit on. Usually made from hard oak wood with oval shapes, these tables are casual in feel.

Oak made dining table


4 . For modern culture folks a modern pedestal or sleek style table is just fine. These table come in a variety of accents and unique designs. So pick up an accents suiting your mind, dark or bright.

Contemporary dining table


Now while you await the next part of this post to learn the ways of decorating dining table, You can check out home decor items, Modern Candle Holder or other decoration items for your dining table. Do share your experiences and plans for dining table using the comment form below.