Planning a Girl’s Nursery: Themes, Colours and Decorations

First things first: congratulations on the new life that you’re soon going to be welcoming into your family! One of the first things that every parent-to-be starts to think about is how they’re going to decorate their new baby’s nursery, and whether you already have ideas running around your mind or you’re all out of inspiration, this post will help you come up with the perfect look. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on baby girls, with themes, colours and decorations that are particularly popular for a girl’s nursery.

Before we get started, here are a few initial considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Consider how you’re going to separate the nursery into different areas – one space for sleeping, another for playing and another for feeding and changing.
  • Your baby’s needs will change as they get older, so you may want to invest in a convertible crib that will grow with them. Once they start to crawl, they’ll be investigating everything in sight, so also make sure that furniture and decorations are safe, secure and sturdy.
  • Remember that a nursery is a space for you as well as your baby girl: including furniture such as a comfortable chair for feeding time is important!

Choosing a Theme

Not every nursery has to have a theme, but choosing one can help you get your ideas in order, make the space more inviting, and be a lot of fun to plan. Here are a couple we love:


One of the most popular themes right now, this is all about cute woodland creatures, earthy tones and floral prints. Yellows and greens help bring some life into the space, while decorations can include framed prints of friendly foxes, rabbits and deer, soft toys and beautiful tree wall decals.

Fairytale/Story Book

This is a more traditional theme for your little princess, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. If you want to make the theme stand out then you can give over an entire wall to a fairy-tale mural featuring castles, rainbows, princesses and knights in shining armour. For something a little subtler, why not choose a framed print of one of your favourite quotes from a classic children’s book?

Adding Some Color

Initial thoughts for a baby girl’s nursery often turn to pastel pinks, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this soothing color. That said, it’s not the only option out there: as we’ve already said, yellow and pale green both work well, especially if you’re going for a wildlife theme, while lilac and purple also create a lovely atmosphere. Our favorite, though, is the combination of both pink and pale blue which can bring the space to life.

Just remember not to go overboard – make sure that any brighter colors are complemented by neutral shades to avoid overwhelming the senses.

The Perfect Decorations

With colors and themes all picked out, it’s time to start adding the finishing touches. Here are some great decoration ideas:

Hanging Mobiles

These will help to stimulate your little girl’s mind, and can be chosen to match your theme – whatever it may be!

Soft Furnishings

From comforting blankets to bright, cheerful cushions, soft furnishings are just important for your child’s nursery as they are for your own bedroom! If you’ve kept the room relatively neutral, using pastel shades, these can also bring a splash of color.

Wall Decals

For incredible designs without hours of painting or huge expense, the wall decal is your best friend. From popular characters like Peter Pan and inspirational text, to themed images or colorful themes like jungle designs or multi-color owl tree mural that will help bring your design to life there is a huge array out there, and we think that these are one of the most useful tools for creating a gorgeous space.


Just remember that the nursery needs to be both a practical space and a soothing one and you won’t go far wrong – and we hope you enjoy planning what will soon become one of the most important rooms in the house.