Toys for One Year Old

Approaching first birthday! your little one is now much more curious and this curiosity makes him interact with the environment around him. The toys ideally suited at this age are those which allow this interaction to be in creative, imaginative yet in safe manner.

The toddler will now be developing & applying his/her creativity, everything has the capability to engage and delight your baby’s imagination, To encourage this growth in physical, mental, behavioral & emotional domains, We have shortlisted toys that have following features:

  • Mobility & Physical Strength: Toys that move with toddlers and in turn encourage mobility and physical development.
  • Coordination & Psycho-motor skills: Encourage kids to develop their hand eye coordination.
  • Shiny & Colorful: Excite the toddler’s senses with bright colored objects & toys.
  • Creativity: Toys that allow expression of kids inner creativity
  • Sensory Excitement: Introduce the child with more sensory experiences like piano toys

Upgrade your Baby Nursery on this Black Friday!

Shopping season is here. Why not make best of it by grabbing up on essentials this winter. Whether you are buying for your own baby nursery or thinking of buying gift for expecting parents, You can fully avail sales this season to buy baby nursery and kids room products at deeply discounted rates. Start planning now and keep an eye out for the product that you have been thinking to buy for so long. Well lets see few of hot baby & kids products now.


Revamp your Baby Nursery with Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day with its insanely deep discounts is here. The prime day will begin on 10th July,2017 at 9PM ET and continue for whole of the 11th July and ending on midnight. The staggering amount of deals offered during the prime day this year is overwhelming, Amazon do not reveals the deals that are planned for prime day, however we have search through the catalog to find best products in the niche of Baby & Nursery. Look out for these products on Prime Day and stay tuned to Dekosh as we will be publishing follow up posts on the Prime Day.


Planning a Girl’s Nursery: Themes, Colours and Decorations

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